On boarding developers for WIAB

    General strategy, write lots of tutorials. Instead of fixing a bug, create a bug report with detailed instructions so that someone can do it as a start up project. See existing set at: http://code.google.com/p/wave-protocol/issues/list?can=2&q=label:StarterProject. We need lots more

    Tutorials to Fix/Write:

    • (zdwang) Finish polishing the doodad tutorial
    • (zdwang) Setting up dev env. Include the editor ones.
    • (zdwang) Convert undo into a tutorial
    • (hearnden) Setting up dev env for the wave panel harness
    • (hearnden) Tutorial: writing a wave panel feature (replacing the participant avatars with names?)
    • (hearnden) Tutorial: writing a wave panel test (testing focus frame movement over collapsed threads?)

    Issues to create:

    • (zdwang): Undo for windows
    • (hearnden): Re-use of stages and wave panels, rather than rebuilding everything from scratch on every wave
    • (??) Reconnection
      • Remote call worker - persistent RPC that stays up after disconnection
    • (zdwang) Security Issues needs to be solved before first release

    Design hints for future:

    • (hearnden?): How diffs work
      • diff-on-open could be done
        • Maybe get piotr to publish some design doc that is useful for WIAB both for the client and for the server side.
      • live diffing, naratives aka butter bar
    • (zdwang): How playback could be done
      • Frame server
      • Creating Frame
      • Playing backwards
    • (??): How profiles could be done
      • Servlet to expose user data
    • (hearnden) Supplement Model
      • What the xml means
      • Code design doc.
    • (hearnden) Paging
      • How to wire it up to be view port based.
    • (zdwang) How indexing is meant to work
    • (??) Worthiness
      • Current state
      • Alternatives
    • (??) Wiki Use Case
      • Link annotation
    • (??) Gadgets

    Code-oriented design docs:

    • (mike?): Wave panel's view structure (what contains what, etc).
      • Private replies.
    • (mike?): Wave panel's architecture (intrinsic views, flyweight wrappers, etc)