Running the Server

Now that we have the code built successfully, it's time to take it for a spin.


To configure the server to run as a local server with no federation just copy server.config.example to server.config. The server.config file may be edited to change the domain name and set of addresses/ports toi which the server will bind.

To enable federation, copy server.federation.config.example to server.federation.config, edit server.config to uncomment the include line, and edit server.federation.config to specify the desired federation configuration.

While the source code doesn't contain a windows specific configuration file, a version has been developed by Anthony Watkins and Mark Kovacevich (who also deserve most of the credit for the Windows instructions). You can find this file here:

Using notepad or Editor create a file called run-server.bat under the wave-protocol directory and copy/paste the contents from the Run-Server.bat listing.

Once you have finished configuring your run-server.bat file open a command shell in the wave-protocol directory and run the following:


Run the following command from the wave-protocol directory:

$: ./

This will launch the server and spit out stream of debugging information. You will be able to log on to the server by browsing to localhost:9898.