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Building Wave In A Box

Now that you have your build environment setup, we can move onto actually building the Wave In A Box source.


Once you have the source and all of the tools installed, open up a Command shell and do the following:

set JAVA_HOME=c:\Program Files\Java\jdk[YOUR_VERSION]
set ANT=c:\Program Files\winant\bin\ant
cd [THE_FULL_PATH_TO]wave-protocol


Note, this is for a first time build. I would recommend using the Environmental Variables section in Windows to set these permanently for future builds. 

Running ANT will commence the build process. This will build both the Wave Server and the Web Interface.

To rebuild the source (say after you make changes, or pull down the latest version of the code), run the following in your wave-protocol directory via a Command shell:

ANT clean


Building under OSX and Linux should not require manually setting path elements (as we had to in Windows). Simply move to the wave-protocol directory and run:

$: ant

To rebuild the server run:

$: ant clean; ant

End Result

At the end of the build process you should have the following files in the dist directory under the wave-protocol directory:
  • waveinabox-client-console-0.3.jar
  • waveinabox-server-0.3.jar
If you don't then go back and check the build process, something probably broke