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Apache Incubator Roadmap


    The wave project is in a state of transition in terms of the code and the organization of the project. Google is scaling back the engineering resources that it is putting into the wave project, but there is considerable interest in keeping the project moving forward, expressed in the wave-protocol forum, at the Wave Protocol Summit, and other venues across the web. To facilitate this transition, and encourage even more community leadership, we are proposing to create a project in the Apache Software Foundation's Incubator.

    As we contemplate these changes, the end of the year date servers as a mile marker for this transition. In prepartion for these changes we must define what the goals of the project are over the next few weeks leading up to the end of the year. At the moment we have defined two sets of goals.
    • The functionality of the project (features, bugs, etc) that we want to get fixed by the end of the year. These are things that we feel like we want to get done while we still have the increased bandwidth and will help ease the transition.
  1. How we transition the project to the "new" open source world and grow the community.
    We want to develop this roadmap in a transparent way that will let everyone know where we are going and hopefully get people excited about the future of the project.

    For information on the ASF Incubator see: http://incubator.apache.org/

    Community Roadmap

    The goal of any project in the ASF Incubator is to eventually graduate to be a full fledged ASF Project. We may have additional goals, but this is a good place to start. The specific requirements for graduation from the incubator can be found here:


    Incubation Basics:

    • Incubator Entry
      • Identify Champion and Sponsor
      • Proposal Acceptance
      • Podling / Mentor Allocation
    • Create Podling (i.e. the project)
      • Create Project Page, Mailing Lists, etc.
      • Create Repository and Initial Code Contribution.
      • Create Issue Tracker.
    • Build Community
      • Project not dependant on any one entity (3 legally distinct contributors).
      • New committers added to the project.
      • The community discusses, resolves, and votes on issues in public.

    Initial Goals

    * Since getting accepted into the Incubator is a gating task, all subsequent times are referenced by Days After Acceptace (DAA).

    • Initial Community Agreement on ASF Incubator Entry Proposal (DONE)
    • Submit Proposal to ASF and get approval (DONE)
      • This is a gating task before the rest could happen (DONE)
    • Create Podling and Supporting Infrastructure
      • Project Site Created (IN PROGRESS)
      • Start Moving Content from waveprotocol.org (2/2011).
      • Finish Content Migration (3/2011).
      • Issue Management System Set Up (IN PROGRESS).
      • Source Control System Set Up (2/2011).
      • Source Moved From Google Code (3/2011).
    • Develop a Features Road Map (TBD).
    • Publish commiters guide which descirbes how to become a commiter, as well as responsbilities and process (code sytle, code reviews, etc) (TBD).
    • Facilitate Adding New Committers
      • On boarding developers for WIAB
        • Create low hanging fruit issues that are easy for new committers to work with. Make sure these issues are well documented in the issue tracker, providing enough information for a new developer to accomplish the task.
        • Encourage existing committers to leave low hanging fruit for new developers and to focus on more difficult issues.
        • Ensure that the project can be easily checked out and built.
        • Ensure setting up the development environment is easy (well documented).
        • Make evaluating patches from prospective committers a priority.
        • Provide appropriate positive and negative feedback (don't just reject a patch, help the author correct any issues).
    • Public Demo Server (replacement for wave.google.com) (TBD)?