WaveThis API

WaveThis is a web service that allows you to quickly start a discussion on Google Wave using the content of any website. WaveThis provides both a URL format for initiating that discussion, and a UI widget that you can place on your website to start a discussion in Google Wave.

If you are here because you simply want to use WaveThis to share content from your favorite sites, you can use it in two main ways:

  • Bookmarklet: To use the bookmarklet, drag the link below to your bookmarks in Firefox, Safari or Chrome:
  • Chrome Extension: To install it, visit the WaveThis extension from your Google Chrome browser and press 'Install.'

Both of these work in the same way - select the text that interests you on the page, and click the icon or bookmarklet. A new wave will be created with the content and link to the original page, and you can share that wave with others.

If you are here to embed a WaveThis button on your blog, you can read the how-tos on putting a button in Blogger Posterous, or WordPress.

If you are a developer and want to use WaveThis in your site, read through the Developer's Guide.

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