Google Wave now supports robots that run on non-App Engine domains. To use a robot on your own domain, you must register it to obtain a consumer key and secret that you can specify in your code. At this time, non-App Engine robots can only run on In the future, they will be enabled on Wave Preview.

The 3-step registration process is shown below:

To get started, visit the registration page for

  • Select the first option.
  • Specify a name for your robot. This name must not overlap with any existing robot app IDs or GMail addresses, even if the name corresponds to an app ID that you own.
  • Specify the base path for your robot. The wave server will append "_wave/robot/jsonrpc" to this path when communicating with your robot.

Create a static file or servlet at the given URL that contains the verification token.

Store the consumer key and secret in a credentials file, and use them to setup Oauth for your robot before sending operations.