Google Wave Embed API

The Google Wave Embed API is a simple JavaScript API that lets you embed a wave on your own website, anywhere on the web. Once embedded, you can interact with the wave on your site in the same way that you would use it in the client. Any embedded waves also show up in the Google Wave client for involved participants, so they can follow and interact with the waves there too.

For example, you can use the embed API to embed "live waves" of events in a blog, to embed wiki-like waves in your CMS or Google site, or to embed robot-created waves in your application.

If you are simply looking to embed a single wave in a webpage, you can copy the code from the "Link to this Wave" button on the wave, or use the Wave Web Element for further configuration. You can also read specific how-tos on embedding waves in Blogger, and in Google Sites.

For more advanced use of the API, read through the Embed API Tutorial and consult the short API Reference.

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