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Prosody installation


Prosody is a lightweight XMPP server, written in lua. It's available from http://prosody.im.


Download Prosody for your machine from http://prosody.im/download

The 0.6.0 has S2S TLS.

You will need to install LibSec? module for Lua, also available from the http://prosody.im downloads page.

Install the packages (Ubuntu/Debian)

% sudo -s
# dpkg -i prosody_0.6.2-1_i386.deb liblua5.1-sec0_0.3.2-2prosody1_i386.deb
# apt-get install -f

To configure Prosody under GNU/Linux you should find the config in /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua. On other systems, or when not installed, it will be under the same directory as the prosody main executable. See also the Prosody configuration page.

We will configure this for acmewave.com, component port 5275, component secret 'sekritpassword'.

After the Host "*" line, add a new line:

Host "*"
    component_ports = { 5275 }

At the bottom of the file, add

Component "wave.acmewave.com"
    component_secret = "sekritpassword"

Just above that is a section starting with Host "example.com". Change it to look like this:

Host "acmewave.com"

    enabled = true

    ssl = {
        key = "/etc/prosody/certs/wave.acmewave.com.key";
        certificate = "/etc/prosody/certs/wave.acmewave.com.crt";

The SSL section is only if you have keys for your server, you can remove it otherwise. (But note that federation will need SSL)

Put the cert files in the location you specified in the file.

Test your configuration with luac -p /etc/prosody.cfg.lua (this looks for syntax errors, see the top of the file for more on lua syntax, or read a book.

Reload the configuration and you're done.

# /etc/init.d/prosody restart

Now continue following the instructions for installing and running the FedOne server.