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Working with a stable build (Proposal)

    The exact details of this proposal may change when the project is moved into Apache.

    This is an active open source project with contributors from all parts of the world working in many different time zones. Unavoidably at rare occurrences, the tip of the code may not be in perfect condition. This can be frustrating for everyone. The purpose of this proposal is to create a good etiquette/rule for the community on how to react when his happens and in turn keeping the code healthy.

    Code Yellow (Tip Broken)

    This happens when one of the following occurs to the tip of the code base. All committers should not allowing the commit of any additional code, unless absolutely necessary, and work to take ourselves out of code yellow.

    • Wave In a Box does not start
    • Wave In a Box crashes on first use
    • Wave In a Box does not compiling

    How to communicate code yellow

    Anyone can send a message to the wave protocol mailing list ( stating that the tip is broken, preferable with notes of the state, and requesting everyone not to check in any code until we are out of code yellow.

    Hopefully this will start a live discussion and a fix will be forth comming very soon.

    How do I keep working even when the tip is broken?

    There will be a tag named "stable" that is placed on the code base. Code at this tag will be OK, i.e. not broken. But please, don't check in the code if the tip is broken (code yellow).

    hg pull -r stable
    hg update stable --clean

    Anyone can update this tag provided you've done some basic testing to make sure that we won't be in code yellow at the time of the tagging. You can set the label with

    hg tag stable -f
      hg push