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Wave in a Box task list

This is a list of tasks we wish to complete in 2010. (There are many other things that we would like to see but this page is focussed on the Wave in a Box milestone).

If you want to contribute, please share your ideas with the discussion forum. Some of the tasks on this page have one or two names attached; please coordinate your efforts on those tasks with them. If you're not sure where to start why not take on one of the starter projects?


Wave Panel

Contact: Google

The Google Wave team is putting finishing touches on a new, improved wave panel, which will be released as open source in early October 2010.

  • Push code
  • Integrate into WIAB

Inbox/Search Panel

  • Make inbox prettier
  • Add search: query field and display of search results


(See also client-server protocol and authentication below.)

Client-Server protocol


Update wave view protocol

Contact: Alex North

  • The wire protocol (protocol buffers) needs to be updated with some fixes from the Google Wave production protocol
  • Some client-side adapter code in the current implementation should move to the server
  • Move waveclient-rpc.proto to fedone/frontend

Fetch/Render services

Contact: Joseph Gentle

  • Add a "fetch" servlet which serves up wave view snapshots (in protocol buffer format)
    • optional? client-side pre-fetch to reduce wave-open latency
    • optional? fetch at specific versions
  • Add a "render" servlet which serves up wave view snapshots rendered as HTML


Contact: Alex North

  • Check schemas on the server
  • Check schemas on the client

Wave store

Contact: Soren Lassen

  • Finish wave store interface
  • Wave store in-memory implementation
  • Wave store mongo implementation
  • Document MongoDB installation
  • Add inbox/text search

Wave server

Contact: Alex North & Soren Lassen

  • Rename FedOne
  • Do participant-based access control
  • Remove inbox wave representation
  • Implement text search

Robot/Data API support

Contact: Lennard de Rijk

  • Complete active API support in wave server
  • Add passive robot API support in wave server
  • Add robot store
  • Add search support to Data API implementation


  • Add documentation about how to run Shindig gadget server
  • Add servlet to proxy gadget server (to abide by same-origin browser restriction)


Contact: Joseph Gentle

  • Add attachment store
  • Add attachment download servlet
  • Open source client attachment handling code
  • Attachment access control


Contact: Joseph Gentle
  • Figure out how authentication will be implemented
  • Write up design doc
  • Add server-side authentication code to authenticate clients
  • Add client code to:
    • Login
    • Add / remove users
  • Check user credentials on op submit
  • Make other servlets require authentication

Browser Compatibility
  • Chrome/Safari/Firefox/IE8

Data import from Google Wave production system

  • ? (depends on yet-to-come Google Wave export feature)


  • ?


It will be nice to make federation better in many ways, including reliable message delivery and add protocol versioning. We are not planning to address these in the short term.


  • Continuous build
  • Run a frequently-updated dogfood instance