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Gadgets with your own gadget server (Shindig)

This is the instructions for running your WIAB as well as your own gadget serrver (Shindig). The instruction uses the Apache Tomcat version of Shindig.

Note currently gadgets does not work on Firefox 3.x

  1. Install Shindig by following the instructions at
    1. Edit the file WEB-INF/classes/containers/default/containers.js
      1. Add "wave" to "gadgets.container" property.
      2. "gadgets.container" : ["default", "accel", "wave"],
      3. Wave doesn't use the security token (st), so you have to set shindig not to require it. Add the line:
      4. "render_token_required" : false,
    2. Restart Shindig (i.e. The server hosting it - Tomcat)
  2. Get WIAB, but don't start the server yet
    1. Edit server.config and add the following:
      gadget_server_hostname=<the server host name of shindig>
    2. Start WIAB