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Libraries release process

Creating a new release for the Libraries Repository

This document contains information about how to tag a new release for libraries and update the default repository.

Creating a Release in the Libraries Repository

  1. Checkout the code as detailed on
  2. Run ant test and check the results to see that all is well. If any tests are broken make sure that they are reported using the issue tracker or delay the release until they are fixed.
  3. Run hg tag `date +%Y-%m-%d` to tag a new release (i.e. with date format 2010-12-31). Run hg push to push the tag to the outside world.
  4. Run ant release and find the dist/wave-libraries-<date>.zip file.
  5. Upload this file on mark it as Type-Archive and Featured.
  6. Go to the downloads list on and find the previous release, click on it and then mark it as deprecated.

Updating the default repository with the new libraries release

  1. Checkout the code from
  2. Browse to third_party/runtime/wave-libraries and overwrite the existing .jar files with the new ones (i.e. cp /path/to/wave-protocol/libraries/dist/*.jar /path/to/wave-protocol/third_party/runtime/wave-libraries)
  3. Edit to state the latest version
  4. Run ant test and verify that everything is in order, fix where necessary.
  5. Run hg commit -m "Update wave-libraries to `date +%Y-%m-%d`" and do a hg push.